Hearing Services

Free Adult Hearing Screen

A screening can quickly tell you whether you have a hearing loss prior to a full diagnostic assessment

Diagnostic hearing assessments

Our full clinical test battery to help diagnose hearing loss and is needed for prescribing hearing aids

Hearing aids

Adjusted to your specific hearing loss, hearing aids are the most effective way to help you optimize your hearing experience

Real-ear measurements

Real-ear measurement is the most accurate way to set the prescription for a pair of hearing aids for your specific hearing

Cerumen management

Wax removal is provided by our doctor of audiology and may include suction, manual removal, or irrigation

Custom hearing protection

Whether you work in a noisy environment or have loud hobbies, we can provide you custom fit ear plugs for your lifestyle

How We Care for Your Hearing

One thing is for certain, your hearing deserves a professional. Our services are comprehensive and complete.

Hearing Screening

Our free adult hearing screening can quickly tell you whether you have a hearing loss and to what degree. A screening takes roughly 20 minutes to assess your hearing, but is limited to a cursory examination.

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment

Complete and comprehensive examination of the outer, middle, and inner ear. A diagnostic hearing test includes a functional needs assessment.

  • Case History: A personal history that will give us an idea of what your hearing health may be like, family history, and medical history. It is important to take an in-depth history to help diagnose a hearing or medical disorder.
  • Video otoscopy: Video visual inspection of the outer ear including the ear drum.
  • Tympanometry: Examination with pressure and sound to evaluate middle ear function.
  • Pure-tone audiometry: Testing the softest sounds you can hear in an isolated sound room will give us a measure of your hearing ability.
  • Speech audiometry: Additional sound booth testing to determine comprehension of more sophisticated speech sounds.

Results are shared and discussed in detail along with recommendations personalized for your hearing.

Hearing Aids

We offer the widest selection of hearing devices from major hearing aid manufacturers. Our audiologist has worked with conventional and bone conduction hearing aids and has experience dealing with the most complex of hearing issues. Hearing aid fittings are completed with real-ear measurements—the gold standard for ensuring the best outcomes for your hearing. We offer in-house repair services and loaner devices when you need them most.

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